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Friday, October 16, 2009

Help needed! Reception Hall : Shah Alam

Pencarian bermula sekarang..sekarang..sekarang!~ (Ala2 gaya Datin Wan Abe) *haha..xbley blah*

The nominees are:

1) SACC Convention Centre

2) Dewan Cattleya,Wisma PKPS

3) Dewan Banquet MBSA

4) Taman Kesenian Islam

5) Dewan MBSA Seksyen 7
6) Villamay *erk..ada space ke?huhu*
7) still search & tanya kawan2..
hehe..guys..if tau kat mane2 lagi tempat kat shah alam..pls let me knw ya!~ *limited la tempat kat s.a nih..huhu*


.:ANN512:. said...

owh..satu lg..bougainvella *erk..terrible speller..lol* garden kat seksyen 9..tempat diana rafar & zamarul hisham kawen..tapi..cam x seswai je...huhu

dialicious said...

cattleya cantik n food sedap!

[ Hanie ] said...

dewan banquet SUK pon ok jgk :)

hidden.wing said...

kelab shah alam pun cantik =)but no outside caterer allowed..

p/s : i think shah alam has better options for nice wedding venues with competitive rates compared to other places like putrajaya etc hehe :)

Sabby said...

hey dear...i've tried cattleya...food is great...

and yes I agree shah alam has better options..in pj we have nothing but hotels and golfclubs....and the one cantik comunity hall that we have (civic hall) rental is soo mahal...

Sabby said...

oh and yes villamay is really nice..but max 120pax..very limited..but food is great...service is good.


Ape Pun Pilihan kita, pastikan pilihan kita adalah tepat.
contohnya org selalu lupa tempat parking kereta.. :d


.:ANN512:. said...

thanks so much dearies..yup..i dah list down sume..will check asap..hish..susah kan nak buat pilihan nih...hehe..

btw kitorg dah plan..will check sume tempat dlm 1 hari..weekdays la..huhu..

MyRule said...

Taman kesenian Islam tu pun cantik gak..

x macam dewan... guest makan kat keliling and pelamin boleh letak tgh2..ader taman kecik..

cuma bersepah la skit meja.. :p

~Legal me Yours~ said...

ann....hey...hope find the hall...I am not so familiar with shah alam.. but heard raves good one ofcourse bought Catteleyya ( betuk ke spell)..

how r the dresses going?? mine is still in slow motion..hehe

marryme said...

my fren's reception smlm buat kat Dewan SUK Shah Alam, kat Seksyen 6 kot. sgt cantek n besar! ceiling ala2 dewan perdana felda gitu :)

james said...


Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

Sachin Rao said...

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