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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Camne aku leh 't'amek' *ter amek la sgt...haha* diz package ek?? owh..da ingat..emm..9-11th July 2009..still remember the date..on July 11th me & Mr. Kimi (1 of my kepala2 biz frens)..& also 1 of male model for Karangkraf co..*eh..x psl2 aku promote ko plak Kimi...motif sgt*haha..we went to some 2009 Entrepneurship Trade Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre..then kitorg ter'masuk' 1 hall tuh..i really tought that hall was part of the Entrepneurship Expo..then..eh?apsal byk wedding2 gown neh?owh..rupa2nya that hall link wif the trade expo tuh..

then i saw 1 banner stated...9TH KL WEDDING EXPO 2009 10 - 12th JULY 2009...hehe..suka!!~

ajak Kimi masuk..nak usha & amek brochures..dia plak dengan muka yg segan2..*cuak takot gf nampak agaknya..haha*terpaksa-rela la menemaniku masok..huhu..*sorry dude..*then tengok punya tengok..ish..x bley tahan!!!ni have to tell ash bout this..and we have to go there again!

by hook or by crook!yes!


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