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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-Wed Photography by Wedding Couture


Wedding Couture..yup..FINALLY...we hired them~

both of us agreed to opt chinese photographer/studio for our pre-wed photography & for our actual-big-day,we will opt malay photographer/studio...kira balance la..coz both of us got half chinese blood..1 malaysia la nih kira..haha*motif sgt*

Just wanna share wif u guys *ada ke org nak tau..haha* package yang kitorg signed up..ne tau leh jadikan reference dr segi ape package2 yg di offer for pre wed photograhy nih..i mean chinese studio package vs malay studio package..hehe..

> 18" x 24" Double Arcrylic Album with 30 posses + designs
> 12" x 16" Double Arcrylic Album with 20 posses + full page
> 24" x 36" Frame with design (1pc)
> 8" x 12" Arcrylic Coffee Table Frame with design (1pc)
> 4" x 6" with 8 posses (80pcs) - for special wedding invitation card
> 4" x 6" Invitation Card (20pcs) - for VIP wedding invitation card
> DVD with 2 songs and all posses (1pc)
> Custom Guest Signature Book
> Custom Casing (1pc)
> Softcopies : 50 posses with touch up
For Photoshoot Day (Indoor & Outdoor) :
Wedding Gown (2) Evening Gown (2) Coat (1)

On Our Big-Day:
Wedding Gown (1) Evening Gown (2) Coat (1)
Bridal Hand Bouquet
Wedding Car Decoration : Bridal Car + 8-10 Brother's car
Banner 20" x 30"



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